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Professor John Collier, Professor Charles Hutchinson, Dean Joseph Helble, Professor Robert Graves

NAE Prize for Educational Innovation: The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) awarded the 2014 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education to four Dartmouth engineering faculty members.

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Chief of Neurosurgery Dr. David Roberts and research associate Xiaoyao Fan Th’12

Ultrasound-Based Registration: For the first time anywhere, Chief of Neurosurgery Dr. David Roberts used a new economical registration method for MRI and ultrasound images that enabled him to better navigate a patient’s brain. The method was implemented by research associate Xiaoyao Fan Th’12 who works with its inventors, Dartmouth engineering professors Songbai Ji, Keith Paulsen, and Alexander Hartov.

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Featured Video: A Safer Sled

For their "Intro to Engineering" project, students designed, built, and tested a "Sled Collision Avoidance System" that gives the feel of an accelerator with a pedal that disengages a built-in brake.

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