ENGG 195: Seminar on Science, Technology, and Society


16F: Arrange


Ph.D. student standing

Cannot be used to satisfy any A.B, B.E., M.E.M., or M.S. degree requirements

Presentation and discussion of timely issues in scientific and technological development and its relation to society. Topics vary from year to year. Examples include transition for scientific developments to technological developments and impacts of technological development on various aspects of society; ethics, social issues, environmental concerns, and government policy; entrepreneurship, marketing, labor markets, quality, international competition, and legal liability. The group meets for lunch with the Jones Seminar speaker and later in the day attends the Jones Seminar. The students are expected to read the material submitted by the speaker and to have prepared questions for the lunch meeting. Discussion will be moderated by the instructor. The grade for this seminar will be based on attendance and participation in the discussions. Students are required to attend 5 of the 8 or 9 seminars that take place in a typical term.