ENGS 12: Design Thinking


13F, 14F: 10A
14W, 15W: 10A
14S, 15S: 10A








Winter 2014: None
Fall 2013: None
Spring 2014: None

A foundation course on the cognitive strategies and methodologies that form the basis of creative design practice. Design thinking applies to innovation across the built environment, including the design of products, services, interactive technology, environments, and experiences. Topics include design principles, human need-finding, formal methodologies, brainstorming, heuristics, thinking by analogy, scenario building, visual thinking, and study of experienced thinkers. Weekly projects and exercises in a variety of media provide practice and development of students' personal creative abilities. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

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Design Thinking
Design Thinking
Design Thinking


Design Thinking Project: Students rethink Dartmouth's Alumni Directory as part of their challenge to reimagine aspects of the Dartmouth experience using design practices taught in their "Design Thinking" class.

Design Thinking at Dartmouth: Dartmouth engineering students and Professor Peter Robbie discuss how improvisation exercises are integrated into ENGS 12: Design Thinking.

Why Come to Dartmouth? Reason #15: Undergraduate Teaching: Student Alex Judson and engineering professor Peter Robbie discuss Dartmouth's focus on undergraduate teaching as it relates to ENGS 12.