Textbooks can be ordered through Amazon or purchased at Wheelock Books, which is located across the street from Collis at 2 West Wheelock St. in the building on stilts. In most cases Wheelock Books will discount substantially from the publisher price; the exact discount will be determined at the time of invoice.

Textbooks can also be purchased at Dartmouth Bookstore at 33 South Main Street.

Fall 2016

Course Title Instructor Textbooks
ENGS 4 Technology of Cyberspace Taylor No textbook required.
ENGS 12 Design Thinking Robbie No textbook required.
ENGS 13 Virtual Medicine and Cybercare Rosen Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder (paperback), ISBN 0812973011.
2) The Innovator's Prescription, A Disruptive Solution for Healthcare, Clayton Christensen, ISBN 978-0-07-159208-6.
ENGS 15 Undergraduate Investigations in Engineering Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGS 17 Electronics for Musicians
(cross-listed with MUS14.03)
Hartov Practical Electronis for Inventors, Paul Scherz, Simon Monk, Fourth Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1259587542
ENGS 20 Introduction to Scientific Computing Shepherd Recommended:
A First Book of ANSI C, 4th Edition, Bronson, Brooks/Cole, 2001. ISBN 1418835560.
MATLAB: A Practical Intro to Programming and Problem Solving, Stormy Attaway, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0123850819.
ENGS 21 Introduction to Engineering Wegst No textbook required.
ENGS 22 Systems Farid System Dynamics and Control with Bond Graph Modeling, J. Kypuros, CRC Press, 2013
Differential equations : computing and modeling, C. H. Edwards and D. E. Penney, New York, NY, USA: Pearson, 2014.
ENGS 23 Distributed Systems and Fields Sullivan Course material will be distributed in class.
ENGS 26 Control Theory Phan Modern Control Engineering; Ogata, Prentice-Hall, 5th Edition, 2010, ISBN-10: 0136156738.
ENGS 27 Discrete and Probabilistic Systems Cybenko A First Course in Probability, Sheldon Ross, 9th Edition, Pearson Education Limited, ISBN 10: 1-292-02492-5
ENGS 33 Solid Mechanics May Statics and Mechanics of Materials by R. C. Hibbeler, (4th Edition), Pearson; ISBN 10:0-13-345160-7.
ENGS 35 Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Gerngross No textbook required.
ENGS 36 Chemical Engineering Laser 1) Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, McCabe, Smith & Harriott, 7th Edition, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0072848235.
2) Chem, Biochem, & Engg Thermodynamics, Sandler, Wiley & Sons, 4th Edition, ISBN 0471661740.
3 )Elements of Chem Reaction Engineering, Fogler, Macmillan, 4th Edition, ISBN 0130473944.
ENGS 37 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Polashenski Recommended/Not Required:
Environmental Engineering Science, William Nazaroff and Lisa Alvarez-Cohen, John Wiley & Sons, 2001, ISBN-13 978-0471144946.
ENGS 64 Engineering Electromagnetics Shubitidze Required:
Engineering Electromagnetics, 8th Edition (2012) McGraw-Hill Higher Ed by William Hayt and John Buck, ISBN10: 0073380660
A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations (2008), Cambridge University Press by Daniel Fleisch, ISBN-10: 0521701473.
Elements of Electromagnetics, by Matthew Sadiku, Oxford Series in electrical and computer engineering, 6th edition, ISBN-13: 978-0199321384
ENGS 66 Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science
(cross-listed with COSC 30)
Jayanti TBD
ENGS 67 Programming Parallel Systems
(cross-listed with COSC 63)
Taylor No textbook required.
ENGS 72 Applied Mechanics: Dynamics Van Citters Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, Russell Hibbeler, ISBN-10: 0133915387 | ISBN-13: 978-0133915389 | Edition: 14, Pearson.
ENGS 76 Machine Engineering Diamond Shigleys Mechanical Engineering Design, R.G. Budynas & J.K. Nisbett, McGraw-Hill, 10th edition, ISBN-10: 0073398209 | ISBN-13: 978-0073398204
ENGS 84 Reading Course Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGS 86 Independent Project Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGS 87 Undergraduate Investigations Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGS 88 Honors Thesis Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGS 89 Engineering Design Methodology and Project Initiation Halter, Ray No textbook required.
ENGS 91 Numerical Methods in Computation
(cross-listed with COSC 71)
Shepherd Numerical Analysis; Burden; PWS, 0538733519, 9th Edition (Any edition 7-9 is fine)
ENGS 92 Fourier Transforms and Complex Variables
(cross-listed with PHYS 70)
Testorf Fourier Transforms: Principles and Applications, Eric W. Hansen, (Wiley, Sept. 2014), ISBN-10: 1118479149, ISBN-13: 978-1118479148
ENGS 93 Statistical Methods in Engineering Lasky Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Montgomery and Runger, 5th Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0470053041
ENGG 103 Operations Research Vaze Course Reader available at Wheelock Books.
ENGS 130 Mechanical Behavior of Materials Schulson Classnotes will be distributed at the start of the class.
Elements of the Mechanical Behavior of Solids, Nam P. Suh
Mechanical Metallurgy, Dieter; McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0070168938.
Mechanical Behavior of Materials, William Hosford, 2005, ISBN-10 0521195691.
ENGS 131 Science of Solid State Materials Frost Recommended:
1. Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, S.O. Kasap, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2006, ISBN 0073104647.
2. Electronic Properties of Materials, Robert E Hummel, 3rd Edition, Springer 2001, ISBN 038795144X.
3. Intro to quantum mechanics: in chemistry, materials science, and biology, S.M. Blinder, Elsevier 2004, SBN-13: 978-0121060510
ENGS 160 Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
(cross-listed with Grad Section of ES 35)
Gerngross No textbook required.
ENGS 167 Medical Imaging Pogue The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, 3rd Edition., Jerrold T. Bushberg, J. Anthony Seibert, Edwin M. Leidholdt Jr., John M. Boone, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Publishing, 2001 ISBN 0781780578.
ENGG 174 Energy Conversion Laser No textbook required.
ENGG 177 Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty Cybenko Rational Decision Making, Eisenfuhr, Langer, and Weber, Springer, ISBN 978--3-642-02850-2
ENGM 178 Technology Assessment March No textbook required.
ENGM 181 Marketing Sharma Marketing Management, Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, 14th edition, ISBN 13: 9780132102926.
ENGM 182 Data Analytics Parker R In Action, Robert Kabacoff, 2nd Edition, ISBN:9781617291388.
ENGM 184 Introduction to Optimization Methods Baker Optimization Modeling with Spreadsheets, K. Baker, 3rd Edition, John Wiley & Sons.
ENGM 188 Law for Technology and Entrepreneurship Goodenough 1) Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights in a Nutshell, Arthur Miller and Michael Davis, 5th Edition, ISBN-13: 9780314278340.
2) Corporate Finance in a Nutshell, Jeffrey J. Haas, 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 9780314908780.
3) Shade's Business Associations in a Nutshell, Joseph Shade and David Epstein, 3rd Edition, ISBN-13: 9780314208514.
4) International Business Transactions in a Nutshell, Ralph H. Folsom, Michael Wallace Gordon and John Spangle, Jr., 9th Edition, ISBN-13: 9780314284365.
ENGM 189 Medical Device Development (.5 credit) Paulsen No textbook required.
ENGG 194
(for Ph.D. students)
Ph.D. Oral Qualifier Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGG 195
(for Ph.D. students)
Seminar on Science, Technology, and Society Pogue No textbook required.
ENGG 196
(for Ph.D. students)
Seminar on Applied Science and Technology Pogue No textbook required.
ENGG 199 Introduction to Surgical Innovation (ENGG 199-02) Paulsen No textbook required.
ENGG 199 Introduction to Data Assimilation (ENGG 199-01) Shepherd, McGranaghan No textbook required.
ENGG 260 Advances in Biotechnology Ackerman, Griswold No textbook required.
ENGG 296
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
Graduate Research 1 Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGG 297
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
Graduate Research 2 Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGG 298
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
Graduate Research 3 Dept. Chair No textbook required.
ENGG 300
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
Enterprise Experience Project Fossum No textbook required.
ENGG 321
(for Ph.D. students)
Introduction to Innovation Fossum No textbook required.
ENGM 387
(for M.E.M. students)
MEM Professional Skills Staff No textbook required.
ENGG 390
(for M.E.M. students)
MEM Project Parker No textbook required.