Ross Nearburg MEM'12

Ross Nearburg Hometown: Austin, TX

Previous Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry and a Certificate in Business Management for Engineering Students, Texas A&M University

About Me: "I am ambitious and have always been motivated by my own drive plus the energy of those around me. My philosophy has been to work hard to achieve my life goals but to balance that with a laid-back social life. I tear through books, like to hike, and love to grill. My path in life has been one of experimentation and discovery, but always with an end goal in mind. I like to understand the people behind the positions they hold, and I think that you can always learn from your friends and coworkers."

Why I Chose the M.E.M.: "I've always been interested in knowing the whole picture. As I worked through my chemical engineering degree, I found myself very interested in courses that went beyond theory and calculations to incorporate themes of finance, management, and teamwork. I wanted to learn more about what it meant to act as a manager in a technical field. After years of looking at the M.E.M. program, I knew that it provided a unique opportunity to transition from engineering to management without losing my momentum as a recent graduate. I also knew from many job interviews that a career path leading to a night school MBA after four years of engineering work was not going to be fulfilling. Finally, and probably most obvious, the structure (and flexibility) of the curriculum offered by Thayer School and the Tuck School of Business really helps to solidify M.E.M. students into excellent managers, not just empowered engineers."