Sarah Kokinos MEM'12

Sarah Kokinos Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Previous Degree: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering/Business Minor, University of Virginia

About Me: "I have always enjoyed meeting new people and learning about different perspectives on life. The close-knit community of the M.E.M. program allowed me to get to know all of my classmates and I was fortunate enough to learn from others with different educational backgrounds."

Why I Chose the M.E.M.: "While completing my business minor as an undergraduate studying biomedical engineering, I discovered a strong interest in the practical side of my field. Once new drugs were discovered or new tissues engineered, how would they fit into the marketplace and therefore deliver value to society? My natural curiosity led me to consider a subject matter integrating technical aspects of engineering with the business industry. At Thayer I was able to do this by tailoring my schedule to my field of interest by taking classes with a health focus at both Tuck School of Business and the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice."