First-Year Ph.D. Students

During the first year of the Ph.D. program, students prepare for formal candidacy by taking courses and participating in faculty-directed research projects.

Advisory Committee

Each student works with a 3-member special advisory committee, which includes the student's prospective research advisor and at least one faculty member whose research interests differ significantly from the student's.

First-Year Program Plan

The committee helps each student develop a first-year program of study, which the student submits to the Graduate Programs Office during the first week of the term. A typical first-year program of study includes:

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Full Ph.D. Program Plan

During the first term, the committee helps the student develop a full program plan to fulfill the Ph.D. requirements, which the student submits to the Graduate Program Office before the beginning of the second term. The Ph.D. program plan includes the remaining engineering courses required plus participation in the following seminars and workshops:

Ph.D. Course Planning Sheet (PDF) - for planning purposes only. You will need to go to Banner Student to complete the Ph.D Program Plan.

Academic Performance Review

At the end of the first 3 terms, students undergo a review of their grades in research and formal coursework. Following this, and before the middle of the 5th term, the advisor provides the Registrar with a letter of support describing a student's research performance. Satisfactory progress is required for students to schedule their oral qualifying examination, which is normally taken before or during the 5th term in residence. Students who are not progressing are transferred to the M.S. program with the understanding that they may later request to be reconsidered as Ph.D. candidates.