Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

The B.E. is a professional degree program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Admission to the program is through Thayer School.

Completion of the B.E. requires a minimum of 9 courses beyond the A.B. At least 6 courses must have significant engineering design content. Required courses and electives include mathematics, basic science, engineering sciences, and engineering design.

The degree generally takes 1 to 3 terms of additional study, depending on the courses taken during the first 4 years. (Advanced standing on entry to Dartmouth may shorten the time required.) Most add a fifth year to earn the B.E. (financial aid is available), but students may also plan ahead to finish a combined A.B./B.E. in four years.

Students describe the advantages of taking a fifth year to earn the B.E.

Areas of Concentration

Students interested in focusing their A.B./B.E. studies in a specific engineering discipline may review sample programs in the following areas:

Program Educational Objectives

The B.E. degree program at Thayer School seeks to produce engineers who, during the first few years after graduation:

  1. Apply interdisciplinary breadth to professional activities;
  2. Demonstrate innovation in professional activities;
  3. Practice effective teamwork and written and verbal communication;
  4. Initiate the process of lifelong learning; and
  5. Serve society at large.

To achieve these objectives, the program’s outcomes upon graduation are that all of its students will have the ability to:

  1. Apply mathematics, science, engineering science and methods to the analysis of problems;
  2. Synthesize solutions to engineering problems through creative design;
  3. Function effectively in a multidisciplinary professional environment; and
  4. Apply technology as responsible citizens.


The number of students in the B.E. program over the last few years has been:


Over the past 3 years, 98.5% of B.E. students completed graduation requirements within the standard time for the degree.