Sample A.B./B.E. Program: Chemical Engineering

Students interested in chemical engineering have two options:

The sample A.B. program below focuses on fundamentals; the sample B.E. programs offer 2 directions for chemical engineering.

Faculty advisors: Professors Griswold, Helble, Lynd

Sample A.B. Engineering Sciences Major

Common Core (3 courses)

Distributive Core (2 courses)

Gateway (3 courses)

Electives (2 courses)

Culminating Experience

Engineering Sciences majors complete a culminating experience, which is part of a course (either as one of the two electives or as an additional course). Normally taken during the senior year, the course is chosen from the culminating experience list on the Engineering Sciences Major page.

Sample B.E. Program (Chemical Processes and Applications)

Mathematics (1 course)

Engineering Design (2-course sequence)

Chemical Engineering (6 courses)

Sample B.E. Program (Fluid and Thermal Sciences)

Mathematics (1 course)

Engineering Design (2-course sequence)

Fluid and Thermal Sciences (6 courses)