After School Science & Engineering

Inspiring the innovators of tomorrow


The after school science and engineering program is a student-run volunteer program. Thayer School students have been running this program at local elementary and middle schools since 2007.

Program Goals

We run 1 hour hands-on sessions once a week in an attempt to increase exposure and spark an interest in science related topics. The fundamental goal we strive to achieve is to show kids that science is fun and exciting.

Need Addressed

Recent studies reveal that while opportunities for science and technology related careers in the US continue to increase, American students continue to lag behind their foreign counterparts. Some argue that this trend is a direct reflection of the disproportionate amount of time spent covering science at the elementary school level. The program we run directly addresses this issue by increasing exposure to these fields in a fun and enjoyable environment.


In addition to providing a laid back setting for Dartmouth students to share their passion for science and engineering, this program also gives Dartmouth students an audience for improving their communication effectiveness. Being an effective scientist/engineer requires not only a strong mastery of the underlying fundamental concepts, but also the ability to successfully communicate ideas with others. This program, open to both undergraduates and graduates, teaches Dartmouth students how to simplify concepts to a level their audience understands, while retaining the essential underlying information.