About Us

Alden Adolph

Alden is a PhD student working with Professor Mary Albert at Thayer School of Engineering. As an undergraduate at Dartmouth, Alden received a BA and a BE in Engineering Sciences with a concentration in mechanical engineering. She joined ASSE to help promote a love of science and engineering in youth around the Upper Valley. Alden is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and loves trivia, the outdoors and live music.


Valerie Hanson

Valerie is an M.S. student working with Professor Kofi Odame at Thayer School of Engineering. Valerie completed her undergraduate work in physics and electrical engineering through the dual-degree engineering program offered at Hamilton College & Thayer School. She joined ASSE because it is a fun and rewarding way to interact with kids and give back to the community. Valerie is originally from Rhode Island, but has lived in 7 different states since starting college! She enjoys playing with electronics in her spare time.


Ben Walker

Ben is a PhD student working with Professor Laura Ray. His research involves increasing the onboard automous capabilities of the YETI Polar Robot system. He received a BS from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, where he studied electronic component evaluation and system integration. Ben comes to the program after 13 years in Air Force Rescue, and several seasons of polar experience in Greenland and the North Slope of Alaska. He enjoys chasing stray electrons around the laboratory, early morning walks with his dog Jade, swimming, performance based dance, and a good book.


Katy Hwang

Katy received her BA in biology from Vassar College last year. Through the dual-degree engineering program that Thayer School of Engineering offers, she is currently a BE student pursuing a concentration in biotechnology. She joined ASSE because she loves teaching children and watching them learn and grow from their experiences. Katy is from Millburn, New Jersey. She enjoys traveling, staying active, visiting nieces and nephews, and cute animals.


Haofeng Li

Hao is a PhD student working with Professor Jifeng Liu on materials science research. Hao completed his M.S. degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and his B.S. degree at Sun Yat-sen University in China. He joined ASSE because the program provides an opportunity to improve his hands-on science skills while allowing him to share his theoretical knowledge of concepts. Hao likes this program because he finds the differences in the way kids are educated between the US and China quite fascinating. Hao is originally from Guangzhou, China, and he loves soccer.