We lead a variety of projects covering many different science/engineering concepts. The goal is to provide an exiciting and inspiring environment to spark student intrest in the STEM field. While we start each session with a short discussion about the fundamental principles we quickly transition to hands-on learning because understanding comes more readily with concrete examples.

Projects with PDFs

  • Batteries
    This lesson teaches students about electrochemical reactions, how batteries work, and how simple circuits work.
    Students make a their own LED flashlights powered from pennies.
  • Baking Soda Reactions
    This lesson teaches students about different chemical reaction properties.
    Students experiment with baking soda and vinegar to learn about different properties.
  • Cryptography
    This lesson teaches students about cryptography and encoding. Discussion is based around the need for information security.
    Students experiment with Morse code and simple ciphers.
  • Sound
    This lesson teaches students about sound, and how electricity and magnetism can be used to generate sound.
    Students build their own audio speakers from paper plates, magnets, and wire.

Other Projects

  • Cork Compasses
    Students learn about magnetics and how compasses work.
  • Balloon Powered Cars
    Students learn about physics and try to design cars with Newton's laws in mind.
  • Marble Roller Coasters
    Students learn about energy, and try to design roller coasters with energy conservation in mind.
  • Forensics
    Students learn about forensic science through finger print analysis and chromatography.
  • Bouncy Balls
    Students learn about polymer science and make homemade bouncy balls.
  • Electromagnets
    Students learn about electromagnetism and make their own electromagnets.
  • Electric Motors
    Students learn about electromagnetism as it relates to motors and make their own electric motors.
  • Fruit Batteries
    Students learn about electrochemical reactions and experiment using different fruits as batteries.
  • Egg Drop Parachutes
    Students learn about Newton's laws and impulse.
  • Engineering Budget Towers
    Students learn about engineering design and working as a team in order to build towers that meet specifications while minimizing cost.