Online Resources

There is only so much material we can cover in the classroom given the time and resources available. That being said, there are loads of valuable resources available for free online. We plan to regularly update this page with new links to cool science videos, interactive games, and other interesting online articles relevant to the age groups we work with.

Science Videos

Interactive Programs

  • Roller Coaster Builder
    Kids can experiment with their understanding kinetic and potential energy as they learn how energy is conserved on a roller coaster.

Science News Articles

  • Boy Scares off Lions with Lights
    A cool article about how a 13 year-old from Kenya developed a system of flashing LEDs to prevent lions from attacking his family's livestock at night.
  • Teen Invents Pancreatic Cancer Test
    A teen developed an inexpensive ($0.03 and 5 minutes per test) sensor for early detection of pancreatic cancer that detects cancer much earlier than previous tests and with 90% accuracy.