Patents and Patents Pending


Patents Pending

  • "Magnetic Nanoparticles, Composites, Suspensions and Colloids with High Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), Katsiaryna Kekalo and Ian Baker, Filed December 7, 2012, U.S. Provisional Patent Application.
  • "High-Strength Eutectoid Alloys and Methods for Production Thereof", Ian Baker and Yifeng Liao, Filed February, 2008, U.S. Provisional Patent Application.
  • "Iron/Iron Oxide Nanoparticle and Use Thereof", Ian Baker and Qi Zeng, Filed January 9, 2008, PCT/US2008/050557.
  • "Nanostructured Mn-Al Permanent Magnets and Methods of Producing Same", Ian Baker and Qi Zeng, Filed October 27, 2006, PCT/US06/41790.