Connect With Thayer School Students

We welcome and encourage participation by alumni and employers in the following opportunities:


Internships are a great opportunity to give students a trial run and engage them in your company. Dartmouth's flexible year-round calendar allows undergraduates to take off a fall, winter, or spring term to work for you.

M.E.M. graduate students are also available for internships. Required to execute an individual project for a corporate sponsor, M.E.M. students will put their engineering skills and knowledge of business management to work for you. See the 390 Project page for more information.

Industry Panels and Career Workshops

Participate in industry panels, mock interviews, or conduct a special interest workshop to prepare our students for their job search.


Networking is one of the most valuable tools for job seekers and recruiters alike. We welcome contacts, leads, and tips to help our students connect with your company.

Project Sponsorship

Let our students tackle your engineering challenge with a fresh approach. As part of a two-term design course, B.E. and M.E.M. students will present proposals, progress reports, and a final solution to your organization. See the Cook Engineering Design Center for more information.

For additional information or to volunteer, please contact us.