Timeline for Applying to Grad School

On Applying to Non-Thayer School Graduate Programs

A Quick Note on Testing

As with undergraduate admissions, testing is generally a required part of the graduate school admissions process. Make sure you allow time to prepare for, take and submit test results to the schools for which you are applying. Information on tests required for graduate school admissions can be found on graduate program websites as well as in Peterson's Guides in Thayer Career Services. (We recommend that you take a practice test prior to taking the GRE. GRE review guides generally contain software that you'll need to take a practice test.)

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is frequently required for admission to Engineering programs. (Note: The GRE is not required for admission into the Thayer School B.E. program.)

The General GRE is offered primarily in computer-based testing format. The testing location center closest to Hanover is located at Lebanon College, and is offered six days a week. Call Lebanon College (603-448-2445) to register for testing; the best time to call is Monday through Saturday between 8 and 10 am. (Note: You can also register to take a paper-based version of this test, but this is only offered on three dates per year.)

Similar to the SAT, the GRE has both General and Subject tests. The Engineering subject test has been eliminated, and is, therefore, no longer required by for graduate programs in engineering. Subject tests are still offered in the Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics; however, so you may have to take a subject test if you are applying for graduate school in one of those disciplines. Subject tests are paper-based and only offered on one date in October, November, and April so you will need to plan ahead if programs that you are applying to require a subject test. These must be registered for several months in advance of test date.

For additional information about services and resources available for individuals applying to graduate school, click here.

General Timeline for Applying to Schools

This timeline contains general information about applying to graduate school. If you are applying for continuing study at Thayer School, please see our information on requirements and admissions procedures for Thayer School graduate programs. Dartmouth A.B. students interested in completing Thayer's B.E. degree should pay special attention to this timeline, and note that the GRE is not required for admission to the program.

Junior Year

Summer Term Senior Year

Fall Term Senior Year

Winter/Spring Term Senior Year

Timeline for Dartmouth A.B. Students Applying for Admission to Thayer School B.E. Program

Note: The GRE is not required for admission to the Thayer School BE program.

Sophomore Spring/Summer

Senior Fall

Senior Winter

Note: For general information about how to apply for this and Thayer School Master's programs, click here.

Special thanks to Matt Therian '05 and Professor Eric Hansen for assistance.