Creating a Portfolio

What is a Portfolio?

This webpage is designed to help you develop a  portfolio to share samples of your work with potential employers. A portfolio is typically a webpage or document (.pdf or powerpoint) that highlights your abilities, achievements, and intellect.

How do portfolios differ from resumes? They expand them by

Do I need a Portfolio?

Yes, if you are looking into:

Or if:

You want to demonstrate your technical and design skills as well as your comfort level with web-based technologies.

General Portfolio Resources


How can I develop a portfolio at Thayer School?

You can apply for web space through Dartmouth Computing


You can open a free account with an Internet service provider that offers "homepage" space and "building assistance" in exchange for allowing "banner" advertising on your site. The following sites are but a few to offer this service:

(Note: Angelfire and Tripod are both operated by Lycos. This is not an advertisement for these companies, other ISPs provide space as well. These providers have been included because both offer user-friendly materials to their subscribers.)

Once you've chosen a site host...

Be sure to read the information on

If you've never written code before:

A few good applications include: Netscape Composer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver...

You may also want to consider software such as Keeboo. (Keeboo allows you to compile files, create, and publish "books" of material on the web.)

You may also want to consider purchasing your own domain name:

Content and Design Strategies

Suggested guidelines for content

Most effective:
Site or document that demonstrates abilities and experiences which are directly related to hiring needs or job field of prospective employer, and gives a sense of your competencies.

Ask for help and suggestions:
A few good eyes and ears: Career Services, professors, former employers, others working in the field, members of the Dartmouth Alumni Career Network.

Ask yourself: "What do I want the employer to know about me?"

You may want to include:

Sample Portfolios

Choose from Thousands of Portfolios on Coroflot (view "People")


From a Recent Graduate:
Portfolio of Thayer alum Brian Ferguson '04 Th '05

(Note: If you are interested in submitting a sample portfolio for this site, contact us)

Website Design Strategies

In Fast Company Magazine, noted graphic designer Roger Black shares "Six Rules for Website Design."

You'll want to avoid:

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines

The following URL allow you to submit your website to multiple search engines simultaneously free of charge