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Genetic Tools Development


In the current economic and political climate, there has been enormous attention focused on the need to develop sustainable and renewable sources of liquid fuel. Ethanol has a significant and growing role in this development, providing a cleaner, domestically-produced, renewable energy solution.

Ethanol in the U.S., however, is currently produced almost exclusively from corn, relying on an expensive and limited material. Processing ethanol from cellulosic biomass—wood, straws, fuel energy crops, paper pulp and agricultural waste products—significantly reduces the feedstock cost for fuel ethanol production. This in turn provides the opportunity to produce cellulosic ethanol far more cost-effectively than corn-derived ethanol.

In nature no organism is capable of quickly reducing and fermenting biomass sugars without significant formation of by-products. Our research laboratories are now developing a new generation of enzymes, microbes and processes for economical conversion of cellulosic feedstocks into ethanol. With this conversion will come a complete rethinking of the ways in which we fuel our economy.


To develop a novel mutagenesis tool compatible with high temperatures.


Required Facilities

Specialized materials, consumables and work space will be provided at the R+D facilities.

Knowledge Areas Needed for Project

Proprietary Information and Confidentiality Requirements

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