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  • A Jung microtome (Jung, Heidelberg, Germany) for thin sectioning UHMWPE (approximately 200 µm thick).


  • Both a Perkin Elmer AutoImage Infrared Microscope (Norwalk, CT) and a Perkin Elmer Spectrum BXII (Norwalk, CT) for Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).


  • A Perkin Elmer Pyris-6 DSC system with an intracooler and autosampler for calorimetry.
  • Instron model 8501 and model 5544 servohydraulic load frames with pneumatic grips and non-contacting video extensiometers for mechanical and tensile testing.


  • A Bendix Formax 5050 Profilometer for profile analysis.
  • A Rolling Sliding Tribotester and a Pin on Disk Tribotester for wear testing.
  • Accelerated Aging Bombs
  • A Denver instruments Balance.
  • A Sony TechnoLook digital microscope.
  • A Donsanto disection Microscope.