Invited speakers for the conference are listed below:

External Speakers in Molecular Imaging

  • Nikolaos Deliolanis, Ph.D., Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, Germany
    "Fluorescence and Optoacoustic Imaging of Gene Expression in Deep Tissue"
  • Jerry D. Glickson, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    "MRS Early Detection of Lymphoma"
  • James R. Mansfield, Ph.D., CRi Inc.
    "In vivo Fluorescence Kinetic Imaging of Biodistribution"
  • D. Michael Olive, Ph.D., LI-COR Biosciences
    "Translating Targeted Fluorescent Contrast Agents for Image Guided Cancer Surgery"
  • Martin G. Pomper, M.D., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    "Translational Molecular Imaging for Oncology"
  • Bradley W. Rice, Ph.D., Senior VP Systems R&D, Caliper LifeSciences Inc.
    "Multi-modality Imaging of Small Animal Models: Co-registration of Optical Molecular Imaging with CT"
  • Greg Thurber, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
    "Predicting Drug and Imaging Agent Distribution"
  • Anna Wu, Ph.D., UCLA
    "Antibodies and Antimatter: Engineering Antibodies for Targeted Imaging and Delivery in vivo"

External Speakers in Targeted Therapy

  • Bin Chen, Ph.D., University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
    "Combination of PDT & Cancer Molecular Targeted Agents"
  • Tayyaba Hasan, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School
    "Photodynamic Therapy: A Bridge Between Science, Technology and Medicine"
  • Edward V. Maytin, M.D., Ph.D., Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
    "Optically Targeted Therapy of Skin Cancer"
  • Brian McIlroy, Ph.D., GE Global Research
    "Visualization Technologies for Molecular Imaging"
  • Stephen P. Pereira, M.D., University College London
    "Optical Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring in Pancreatic Cancer"
  • John Wong, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    "Image Guided Small Animal Focal Radiation Research"
  • Gang Zheng, Ph.D., Ontario Cancer Institute
    "Photonics Solutions for Prostate Cancer Treatment"

External Speakers in Nanotechnology in Cancer

  • Susan E. Clare, M.D., Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine
    "Circumventing Barriers to Nanoparticle Delivery in vivo"
  • Jose Conejo-Garcia, M.D., Ph.D., The Wistar Institute
    "Nanomaterials and Tumor Inflammatory Leukocytes"
  • Mostafa El-Sayed, Ph.D., Laser Dynamics Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology
    "Imaging and Destroying Cancer Cells in More than One Way Using Confinement Effects on the Nanoscale"
  • Steven T. Rosen, M.D., R.H. Lurie Cancer Center, Northwestern University
    "Clinical Challenges for Nanotechnology in Oncology"
  • Neil St. John Forbes, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst
    "Engineering Therapies to Overcome Drug Resistance in Tumors"
  • Karthik Vishwanath, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Duke University
    "Tumor Oxygenation of Irradiated Solid Tumors Using Optical Spectroscopy"