About the Jones Seminars

First created in the 1970s, this seminar series was made possible by an endowment established by Charles C. Jones D'18 Th'19. Originally, the lectures were highly specialized for smaller audiences. Then, in 1998, several doctoral students expressed a desire to help build community by providing more reasons for the School to come together as a whole.

In response, Thayer School expanded the scope of the Jones Seminars program to cover a wider range of more "big picture" topics, and began to require Ph.D. student attendance. Doctoral students must also meet before or following each seminar to discuss its topic in more detail, usually having done some supplementary reading.

By also attracting other engineering students and members of the faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater Dartmouth campus, as well as the interested general public, the Jones Seminars serve well to prompt a weekly gathering full of lively discussion for the curious-minded community.