From the Dean: Designing Our Future

Fall 2014

Joseph Helble, Dean

As the 2013–14 academic year, with its record number of engineering A.B. degree recipients, drew to a close in June, planning began for the next phase in Thayer’s history. With Cummings Hall and MacLean Engineering Sciences Center at capacity, engineering enrollments at record levels and continuing to rise, and ambitious plans on the table for an expanded role for engineering at Dartmouth, it was time to explore the feasibility of adding a new Thayer building to the west end of the Dartmouth campus.

Wilson Architects, a Boston-based firm with a long history of architectural design of university engineering and science facilities, was selected in June as our partner in a six-month basis-of-design study that is now fully underway. Working with Wilson and Dartmouth’s Office of Campus Planning and Facilities is a steering committee chaired by Senior Associate Dean Ian Baker and including faculty, staff, student, and alumni/Board of Overseers members.* Their charge is simple, but the challenge is not: to understand our vision for an expanded Thayer (including a significantly larger faculty), gather input from the Thayer community, and envision the space that will be needed to support that vision when it is fully realized a decade from now. And they have been asked to do all of this while preserving the interdisciplinary character of the school and maintaining the sense of community, shared purpose, and mission that have defined Dartmouth engineering for nearly 150 years.

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