Eric R. Fossum

Professor of Engineering
Director, Ph.D. Innovation Program


Professor Fossum is one of the world's experts in solid-state image sensors. He invented the CMOS active pixel image sensor used in almost all cell-phone cameras, webcams, many digital-still cameras and in medical imaging, among other applications. He worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and was CEO of two successful high tech companies and is a serial entrepreneur. See his personal webpage for more information. His interests at Dartmouth are teaching and researching the next generation of solid-state image sensors for gigapixel cameras and for 3D image capture. He also coordinates Thayer School’s Ph.D. Innovation Program.


Research Interests

Solid-state image sensors (CCDs, CMOS active pixel sensors, Quanta Image Sensors); advanced imaging systems; on-chip image processing; new applications for image sensors

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Professor Fossum describes his research and teaching at Dartmouth

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