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Thayer Council: Constitution

Article I: Name 
The name of this organization shall be “Thayer Council”.

Article II: Purpose
Section 1: To serve as a forum for the discussion of matters pertaining to the welfare of engineering students at Dartmouth. 
Section 2: To facilitate communication between administration, faculty, staff and students at Thayer School and Dartmouth College.
Section 3: To bring representatives from other Thayer School organizations together at regular Thayer Council meetings in accordance with Sections 1 and 2.
Section 4: To represent student and Thayer Council interests at various official meetings and committee proceedings.
Section 5: To foster unity and facilitate interactions between students, faculty, and staff at Thayer School by promoting and financially sponsoring social activities and other events.
Section 6: To facilitate the interaction between graduate and undergraduate students.
Section 7: To foster the integration of all new students, national and international, into the Thayer, Dartmouth, and local communities.
Section 8: To encourage the interdisciplinary study and practice of engineering within academia, industry and government.   

Article III: Membership 
Membership of Thayer Council will consist of enrolled candidates for the following degree programs at the Thayer School of Engineering with the following distribution:

  • President/Co-Presidents 
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 

Five Degree Representatives:

  • Bachelor of Arts Representative
  • Bachelor of Engineering Representative
  • Master of Engineering Management Representative
  • Master of Science Representative
  • Doctor of Philosophy Representative

A Dean’s Office and Faculty Representative    
A Representative from each club officially recognized by Thayer School’s Dean of Students’ Office
Intra-School Representatives:  

  • Graduate Student Council Representative
  • Tuck School of Business Representative
  • Dartmouth Medical School Representative

All students enrolled in accordance with the policies set by the Registrar at the Thayer School of Engineering shall be eligible for General Membership. All Officers, Representatives and General Members may attend all general Thayer Council Meetings and may vote in the election of new officers, on funding decisions, and on constitutional amendments. 

Article IV: Meetings 

  • General meetings shall be held once every two weeks during the fall, winter and spring terms and as deemed necessary by the officers during summer terms.
  • Additional meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Officers.
  • The Officers shall meet once every week for which classes are in session.
  • Two Officers must be in attendance at all meetings, and one must be a President or ad hoc president.
  • In the absence of all Presidents, an ad hoc Vice President will be designated by the Presidents to run the meeting. 

Article V: Procedure
This constitution may be amended by an affirmative two-thirds majority vote of members present at the voting meeting.
Meeting procedure shall be determined by a majority vote of the Officers.  

Article VI: Amendments 
Duties of Officers  

The President(s) shall:

  • Preside over all meetings of the Thayer Council
  • Divide Thayer Council responsibilities among the officers
  • Appoint committees as needed
  • Serve as an Ex Officio member of all Thayer Council committees
  • These duties will be shared by all active Presidents

The Treasurer Shall:

  • Maintain record of all financial transactions of the Thayer Council
  • Record and monitor all Thayer Council account activity and meet regularly with the Assistant Executive Officer from the Thayer Business and Finance Office.
  • Keep track of the approved funding requests for the Business and Finance Office
  • Provide a written financial statement to the Thayer Council officers at the first meeting after the meeting specified above and provide a copy of this statement to the accounting office
  • Present all funding requests to the officers/general members for a vote, depending on the size of the request
  • Present an account of the budget at the last general meeting of each term

The Secretary Shall:    

  • Record minutes of all meetings of the Thayer Council
  • Record attendance at each meeting
  • Post meeting minutes on the Thayer Council Website and inform the council via email of their positing


  • Quorum shall be defined as three-quarters of the average number of general members at each general meeting.
  • General members will be given notice of an impending vote no fewer than two days before the meeting at which the vote is to be held.
  • In necessary cases the Officers may make decisions by a two-thirds majority vote. This decision will stand only as long as the general meeting immediately following. In order to continue, the decision must be affirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of quorum.
  • Votes shall be counted by the Officer presiding over the meeting.
  • In the case of the incapacity of officers to perform their duties, the president may appoint temporary replacements from the Thayer Council general membership with a vote in favor by a majority of the remaining Officers. The President(s) may be replaced by a person chosen by a two-thirds majority vote of the Officers.  


  • General elections for the President(s), Treasurer, and Secretary shall occur no later than the second general meeting of each winter term and during the year as necessary. General elections shall be held by secret ballot.
  • Elected Officers shall shadow current officers during winter term and take over full responsibilities for running Thayer Council at the beginning of the spring term.
  • A quorum must vote in order for the election to be binding.
  • Each officer must be elected by a majority of the voting members. If no candidate wins a majority of the votes, a runoff shall be held between the two candidates with the greatest number of votes. However, by a majority vote of the electorate and a unanimous vote of the candidates; the position(s) of President can be held by up to four individuals serving as Co-Presidents
  • Candidates for election shall be any Thayer Council members who have informed the President of intentions to run by the end of fall term.
  • Candidates must present a written campaign statement to the President no less than one week prior to the election. During the voting meeting, each candidate shall present his/her statement to the general members after which he/she shall leave the room so that the general members may discuss his/her candidacy.  


  • The Treasurer must draw up a budget at the beginning of each term. The budget must be available so general members may view it.
  • Other Thayer Council members may also post budget options via petition with the signature of at least one Thayer Council member. These options must be presented to the President before the next general meeting.
  • These budget options shall be included in the agenda of the next general meeting and subject to a vote at that meeting. The budget which receives the largest number of votes in the presence of a quorum shall then be the budget.
  • Requests for financing must be submitted in writing to the Treasurer and shall be subject to the following guidelines:
    • The request is submitted at least 48 hours before the Thayer Council meeting in which it is to be considered, unless approved by the majority of officers
    • The event is in accordance with the purpose of the Thayer Council
    • The event is open to all members of the Thayer Council
    • The Officers determine it is a reasonable and responsible use of Thayer Council funds
    • Unless otherwise specified in the funding request and agreed upon by the Thayer Council Treasurer, all funding requests expire at the end of each term         
  • The approval process of funding requests will be divided into two categories:
    • Funding requests UP TO $150 may be approved by a majority vote by quorum via email. If the request is not approved via the email vote, it may be re-considered during the next regularly scheduled Thayer Council meeting, but not reconsidered for another email vote.
    • Funding requests OVER $150 may only be approved by a majority vote during a regularly scheduled Thayer Council meeting. In the occasion of an urgent funding request over $150, officers have the option to hold an emergency meeting open to all Thayer students to approve the funding request

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