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Thayer Council Forms and Instructions

Requirements & Guidelines:
Funds may be requested from the Thayer Council by any individual or group associated with Thayer School. In the spirit of Community, undergraduate requests that promote fellowship or scholarship within Thayer School will be given equal consideration as Graduate Student requests. If events are not open to a substantial segment of the Thayer Population, the individual or group requesting funds must justify their reason for excluding others. If your request is approved, the event will be posted in the Thayer Council minutes and, if appropriate, on the Graduate Student Activities Bulletin Board.

Funding Options:
You may request funds from Thayer Council in two ways: on a small event-by-event basis, or on a formal, larger basis. If you or your group is planning a single small event, submit your request via our Event Funding Request Form. If you or your group is planning a larger, more expensive event, or if you are requesting a lump sum appropriation to fund year-round activities, complete the funding request form, and attach additional documentation justifying the event and the expense.
The funding request form outlines the details in which Thayer Council is interested. Requests for funding less than $150 will be handled by the Financial Advisory Committee within five days of submission.
Requests for funding larger than $150 must be submitted at least 6 days prior to the next Thayer Council meeting. The funding request will be reviewed by the Financial Advisory Committee and a recommendation will be placed before the entire Council for a vote at that meeting.

Any year-long requests or event funding requests exceeding $150 will be discussed and voted upon during the bi-weekly Thayer Council meetings. It is highly recommended that you or your group send a representative to these meetings to elaborate on the events pertaining to the request.
Administrative Rules - Failure to comply will result in denial of funding and possible administrative action by the school:
Dartmouth College rules apply to all events. Any event involving alcohol must have (1) permission granted by the Dean and (2) must be registered with Safety and Security. This permission must exist to qualify for Thayer Council funding. To ensure sufficient time for all permissions to be granted, the Dean’s permission must be asked a minimum of 7 days prior to the event, and permission must be granted a minimum of three days before the event. Funding request forms for Thayer Council must be submitted concurrently. Funding will not be provided if permission is not secured in this time frame. It is best to secure permissions and request funding earlier than 7 days.
Similarly, any funded event that has the potential to be disruptive to Thayer School must have the Dean’s permission to be held. This is particularly important during business hours. Again, the Dean’s permission must be asked a minimum of 7 days prior to the event, with permission granted a minimum of 3 days before the event.
If there are any questions regarding these procedures, please do not hesitate to contact a Thayer Council representative or the Dean of Student Affairs.

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