Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Adjunct and visiting faculty contribute to teaching engineering at Dartmouth in a variety of ways while maintaining their primary appointment or responsibility outside of Thayer School.

Kenneth R. Baker

Nathaniel Leverone Professor of Management, Tuck School of Business
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Mathematical modeling, optimization, and scheduling

Benjamin E. Barrowes

Research Physicist, CRREL
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering

Electromagnetic models; electromagnetic induction (EMI); fast electromagnetic solver methods; electromagnetic neuroscience; neuronal recording, stimulation, and modeling methods; rough surface scattering; remote sensing; sub-surface detection; numerical methods in EM

Petra Bonfert-Taylor

Professor of Mathematics, Wesleyan University
Visiting Professor of Engineering & Lecturer

Complex analysis; geometric function theory; discrete groups; complex dynamics; mathematics of medical imaging

Jay C. Buckey, Jr.

Professor of Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Bubble detection and sizing; smart medical systems; hearing assessment; aerospace medicine; undersea and hyperbaric medicine; technology and energy policy; motion sickness

Zoe Courville

Research Mechanical Engineer, CRREL
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Mass transport in porous media, including permeability and diffusion; firn microstructure measurement and characterization; polar field work in Antarctica

Hamid Dehghani

Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, U.K.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering

Optical tomography; finite-element modeling

Eugene Demidenko

Professor of Community & Family Medicine (Biostatistics)
Adjunct Professor of Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Statistical methodology; mixed models; nonlinear regression; statistical analysis of shapes and images; electrical impedance tomography; statistical image reconstruction; mathematical tumor regrowth modeling; non-convex optimization; partial differential equations with mixed boundary conditions

Barjor Gimi

Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering

Immunoprotective, cell-encapsulating, nanoporous microdevices: cell therapy for diabetes and cancer; optical imaging and MRI of the fate and function of engineered therapeutic cells; RF microdetectors for MRI of single cells; assessing the efficacy of cancer therapy using vascular and metabolic MRI

Oliver Goodenough

Professor, Vermont Law School
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Corporate law; intellectual property; securities law; trademarks; applications of neuroscience to problems in the law; neurological basis of moral reasoning

Richard Granger

Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Dartmouth
Director, The Brain Engineering Laboratory
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Brain circuit analysis; algorithm development; neuroimaging analysis; robotics; medical diagnostics

Richard M. Greenwald

Co-Founder and President, Simbex, Lebanon, N.H.
Co-Founder, iWalk, Cambridge, Mass.
Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering

Biomechanics; injury prevention; rehabilitation; sports equipment; product development

P. Jack Hoopes

Professor of Surgery and Radiation Oncology, Geisel School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Engineering and Senior Lecturer
Director, Surgery and Radiation Research Laboratories
Director, Center for Comparative Medicine and Research
Co-Director NCCC Cancer Nanotechnology Working Group

Experimental cancer therapeutics including radiation, chemotherapy, hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy and nanotechnology (iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia cancer treatment); animal pathology; animal models; experimental surgical technology.

Frederic Leblond

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering

Biomedical optics technology for cancer imaging; small animal fluorescence imaging; fluorescence-guided surgery; diffuse optical tomography; multi-modality medical imaging; models for light propagation in tissue; inverse problem resolution methods

James H. Lever

Mechanical Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, CRREL
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Cold region robotics; mechanical design for cold regions; lightweight vehicular mobility on snow-covered terrains

Edward J. March

Adjunct Professor of Engineering
Co-Director, Master of Engineering Management Program

Michael B. Mayor

William N. and Bessie Allyn Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Geisel School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Adult reconstructive orthopaedic surgery; arthroscopy; biomechanics; biomaterials; design and analysis of orthopaedic prostheses; study of joint implant/host interfaces via retrieval analysis

Kevin O’Neill

Research Civil Engineer, CRREL
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Electromagnetic remote sensing and signal processing; numerical methods

Donald K. Perovich

Research Geophysicist, ERDC-CRREL
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Sea ice geophysics; the interaction of sunlight with ice and snow; the Arctic system and climate change

Christopher M. Polashenski

Research Geophysicist, CRREL
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering

Sea ice geophysics; the interaction of sunlight with ice and snow; the Arctic system and climate change

Carl E. Renshaw

Chair and Professor of Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Hydrogeology; structural geology

Joseph M. Rosen

Professor of Surgery, Geisel School of Medicine
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Adjunct Professor of Engineering and Senior Lecturer

Nerve repair and human machine interfaces; microsurgery and transplantation of limbs; computer-aided surgery; virtual reality simulators and methods of education; telemedicine and informatics; healthcare delivery for medical disasters and counter measures for bio-terrorism.

Axel Scherer

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology
Visiting Professor of Engineering

Design and integration of functional nanostructures for optical, electronic, magnetic, microfluidic applications; silicon nanophotonics and opto-fluidic integration; photonic crystal optical nanocavities; miniaturization of magnetic manipulators and nuclear magnetic resonance sensors; monolithic integration of microfluidics, thermal management and detection systems for chemical and biological analysis; automation of lithographic tools for the construction and evaluation of nanofabricated devices

Anatoly V. Streltsov

Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering

Computational sciences; space plasma physics; electromagnetic waves in nonhomogeneous media

Harold M. Swartz

Professor of Radiology and of Community and Family Medicine and of Physiology, Geisel School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Biomedical (especially clinical) imaging using magnetic resonance; measuring physiology and pathophysiology in vivo, (especially oxygen and related parameters); after-the-fact dosimetry for terrorism and accidents; policy issues in the response to terrorism

Elijah E.W. Van Houten

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Université de Sherbrooke
Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering

Medical imaging; inverse problems in elastodynamics; custom orthopeadic inserts; topology optimization; sustainable systems modeling; optimization of transport energy systems

John B. Weaver

Professor of Radiology, Geisel School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Medical imaging; MRI; image processing; MR elastography; magnetic nanoparticle imaging.

Yongsup Yun

Assistant Professor, Division of Marine System Engineering, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
Visiting Assistant Professor of Engineering

Hydrophobic and hydrophilic patterning technology; bio-Inspired materials; synthesis of carbon-based materials; plasma diagnostics